"Went through US customs like a breeze"

I recently applied for a TN working visa and I am grateful towards Usa visa Express team . I have received the uttermost respect and great customer service. The process altogether took about 3 weeks. All the documentation provided by USA Visa Express was accurate and professional-looking. My passage through the custom went like a breeze, and I am now working at my dream job all thanks to the employees of USA Visa Express. A huge thanks to Usa visa Express team for the help, support and guidance.

-K. McCormack, Physical Science Consultant

"We have been well looked after"

"We have utilized the services of the people at USA Visa Express in the past and have been well looked after. Their knowledge of the regulations and applicable rules as well as their experience have assisted us in obtaining the work visas to provide our services to our customers in the U.S."

Without their ability to customize their services to fit our requirements and connect us to the right people at the Customs & Immigration Services we would not have achieved the continued immigration solutions or results required to bring our specialized expertise and equipment to the U.S."

Don G., Vice President

"I have no hesitation in recommending USA Visa Expr"

I recently found myself needing a Visa to work in the United States. Thankfully I found USA Visa Express to handle my case. I was extremely impressed with the work Usa visa Express team did in handling my file. The support that I received throughout the entire process left me feeling very comfortable and well prepared for my interview at the border. I have no hesitation in recommending USA Visa Express to anyone who is in need of excellent timely service.

Lyle H.

"Easier and quicker than I could ever have imagined"

"Recently I left my position of 16.5 years with a Software Development company in order to strike out on my own as an independent Software Consultant. I was approached by one of my former clients in the USA to provide some assistance for them. I found myself in need of a USA Business Travel Visa in a relatively short amount of time. I had never personally dealt with Travel Visas before and knew NOTHING about what would be required so I contacted USA Visa Express for assistance.

After I provided USA Visa Express with the source documentation they handled the preparation of the document package entirely and met with both myself and my client to review the document in detail. When I arranged my trip to the USA in order to actually obtain my TN visa they pre-contacted US Customs in Sarnia so that I was expected.

The process at the border was easier and quicker than I could ever have imagined and that is because of the contents of the documentation package and the discussions USA Visa staff had with US Customs staff before I even arrived at the border. The interviewer I met with came and got me (out of order) from the line-up and I was asked only 2 questions during my interview.

Thanks to immigration experts and USA Visa Express for all their assistance in this process – including all the ‘calming me down’ when my nerves threatened to get the best of me."

Angie D., Computer Systems Analyst

"The process was straightforward"

"I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and warmest thanks to USA Visa Express. The process was straightforward, the customer service exceptional and the end result was exactly as promised."

Nedko P., Business analyst

"You have done and incredible job"

"I was at the Peace Bridge yesterday. My entry to the exit time took exactly 4 hours, 11 minutes. The interview was largely friendly and uneventful. The undertone from the questions I was asked were such that one could infer he questioned the basis of the initial refusals. The actual interview did not last 10 minutes cumulatively.

I got the TN1 Visa yesterday at the Peace Bridge at about 4.41PM.

I am writing to register my thoughts about you and your services. You have done an incredible job. All through the visa process you were very respectful and very professional in all our interactions. Though the process was initially truncated by forces outside your reach; you stood all the way by me offering alternative course of action and with words of encouragement. You did not retreat an inch, instead, with each adverse outcome you reloaded with an increased sense of optimism. Usa Visa Express team’s breed of optimism was particularly infectious."

Tunji O., Management Consultant

"Very professional and extremely knowledgeable"

"It's with great pleasure that I express my experience in dealing through USA Visa Express directly with immigration experts. Dealing with immigration experts was and continues to be very comforting, helpful, realistic and positive. Usa visa Express team has not let myself nor my wife down from the start of the whole process.

Requesting of documents was also very well thought through and all asked for at the time when needed. It has been a great feeling that everything that was promised was followed through. His team was also very professional and extremely knowledgeable in all the areas that it was questioned on. Preparation for the interview was also very smooth and handled very professionally. We met for a coffee and Usa visa Express team walked us through the whole day. In addition it was such a great feeling to be able to ask any sort of question and get such a full and knowledgeable answer from immigration experts.

I definitely look forward to dealing with Usa visa express team in the near future should we require there services at any time with no hesitation. Over all the entire experience has been nothing other than great and truth full and peace of mind throughout the whole process."

Fernando E., Restaurateur and Real Estate Developer

"A big, big thank you"

I am glad to say that I have obtained my TN Visa thanks to you! I was very satisfied with your services and will definitely refer your services to anyone in need. Usa Visa Express team, I am so happy that I took the extra time to find out where you worked and did my due diligence.

A big, big thank you to you both!

-R. Teboul, lawyer

"Mohammed Al-Sahaf"

When I got an offer to my dream job in California, I had no information on work visas for Canadians. The USA Visa Express team responded to all my questions in the kind of calm & confident manner that really set my mind at ease during a very stressful time in my life.
Thanks to them, I have my TN status and am working my dream job in sunny California.

- Mohammed Al-Sahaf

"Pat Roach"

Thanks again for the assistance with all this. Professionally done every step of the way.

Pat Roach

"W. Levy"

Thanks you guys so much for an impeccable job and great work on my file!

W. Levy

"J. Cribbie"

I greatly appreciate all the assistance and professionalism you provided throughout this process for me. It is always a bit of an anxious time when dealing with US immigration issues, especially when you haven't been through the process before. I cannot say thank you enough.

J. Cribbie


I truly appreciate your help in making this process smooth and less cumbersome for me. It was great working with you and I will be sure to recommend you to others.